What are Virtual Coworking Spaces?

In the world of today, co-working spaces have taken over many peoples’ professional lives. Tons of tech and startup companies work in large buildings with tons of other companies. Some rent offices. Some rent desks. Some wander off and work on couches in dedicated workspaces.

That’s not what this article is about though, is it? Of course now. It wouldn’t be the 21st century if we didn’t take things just one step further… One step into the great beyond known as virtual reality. What, you didn’t think there would be virtual reality coworking spaces? Silly reader. The medium isn’t just for virtual reality porn.

VR is starting to have all sorts of applications in the professional world. Companies are using it for employee and user training. More and more VR video games are popping up. VR movies are coming into being as well.

Slowly but surely, the medium is gaining traction. Things will be like Lawnmower Man in no time.

Initially, we were talking about co-working spaces: The hot new trend in the professional world. What do you get when you mix that with the hottest new trend in the Digital world? You get Virtual Co-working spaces!

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No longer will you turn into a bored hermit when you work from home. No, now you will have a desk in a virtual world, sitting with your virtual co-workers, sipping your virtual latte (okay, maybe we haven’t gotten that far yet).

The spaces aren’t simply some empty spaces where a bunch of avatars co-exist. They have actual floor plans with real people working around you. This way, you actually have people you can interact with (preventing the realization of your aforementioned fate as a hermit.) It’s just like a real office. You can sit around talking about how much you hate Maureen from Accounting or you can put your nose to the grindstone and get your work done from anywhere in the world.


You can also do all the generic office stuff people love. You can have meetings. You can work on group projects and see what others in the environment are working on.

Essentially, you have all the amenities of a regular co-working space in a virtual environment.


This has numerous advantages of course. For one, you work from home. This saves the precious time you would have lost on your commute. Once you get to the office you realize you might be sharing your space with people from all over the world. You may live in Kansas City and Jean might live in France, but you don’t have to take a flight to work on that TPS report together. That report will be done in no time in your spiffy virtual co-working space.

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Of course, there are some disadvantages. Some say that communicating online is a bit like trying to talk underwater, and that can definitely be true, especially if there ar language and cultural barriers between some of the workers. There is meaning that gets conveyed through body language, and it is completely lost when you’re talking, or, worse still, typing on a keyboard. 

Are Virtual Co-working spaces the way of the future, or are they just another way for people to further distance themselves from each other? As virtual reality starts to creep its way further into our lives, we will see the effects of its implementation quite soon indeed.